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Celebrating 100 Years of Addis

The Town of Addis is located just 10 miles outside of Baton Rouge and celebrated their 100th year in September of 2015. The centennial anniversary celebrated the founding of the Town of Addis, which dates back to the development of railroads that caused people to settle in the area in 1882. Addis was named after Texas Pacific Railroad official J.W. Addis, but did not become an official incorporated town until September 1, 1915 – hence the 2015 celebrations that took place throughout the months of September, October, and November.

Addis movers and locals joined together in celebrating the centennial anniversary of the Town of Addis and their community of just over 4,000 residents. The 100 year anniversary celebration took place at the West Baton Rouge Museum located on North Jefferson Avenue, which is surprising since Addis movers would have thought that the centennial celebrations would be held in or on the grounds of the Addis Museum.

The Addis Museum is one of the oldest structures in Addis and is still the heartbeat for many local celebrations, as well as serving as the local bank, post office, and many other local service centers. The Addis museum is the one place that many new residents choose to take their children in order to learn the history of the town after moving to Addis.

The Addis Museum and town center displayed photographs and stories from the past 100 years of Addis history, as well as an exhibit featuring a grand 2-Rail O Scale model railroad that resembles one of Addis’ historical past and significance.

The Towns of Addis Centennial Celebration: 100 Years on Track also featured a parade, fireworks, live music, food, drinks, art show, cook-off, and kids’ corner. Featured guests were Geno Delafose, 2nd Nature, Steve Martin’s Invisible Band, The Anteeks, Parish County Line, Mitch Landry & Gumbeaux Rouge, Chris LeBlanc, NaNaSha, and Don Rich.

For those who are looking into moving to Baton Rouge, the Town of Addis only continues to grow in population each year. This makes it one of the top places to move to in Baton Rouge, even though the town is not anything new. Addis retains its small-town charm, historical buildings, and family-like atmosphere – even on its 100th year.

It is said that back when it first was founded as a town, the mayor of Addis held traffic court on his front porch because the town was so small and the population wasn’t more than a couple of families. This is exactly how the Town of Addis wishes to remain.

“As new people come into the community, we want to share that with them,” said Mayor David Toups. “That’s who we truly are. We’re family, very friendly and religious-community minded.”

“Everyone helping one another, that’s what we’re about,” he added.

“Come one, come all” is their mentality, as locals describe; and Addis movers like All My Sons are welcoming and willing to move anyone to the Town of Addis with ease and comfort, with as much welcome as Addis would expect to be provided.