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Family Friendly Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Although Atlanta has a reputation for high crime rates, there are still family friendly neighborhoods throughout the city. Statistics show that the highest crime rates tend to be in the poorest areas of Atlanta, so the safest, most family friendly areas tend to be the more affluent neighborhoods, and Atlanta is not lacking in that department! Some of these neighborhoods include Chastain, Decatur, Garden Hills, Morningside, and Virginia Highland.

Chastain is a neighborhood that is just a 10 minute drive to I-285, and is just north of Atlanta. It is the epitome of a family friendly neighborhood.  It has excellent schools, both public and private, it has a nice family friendly entertainment/night life, it is right around the corner from Buckhead, and it is in the 9th wealthiest zip code in the nation. Although it is on the more affluent side of affluent, it is the exact definition of a family friendly neighborhood.

Decatur is slightly northeast of Atlanta, and is also rated among the top family friendly neighborhoods in the area. It, like Chastain, has excellent schools, both public and private, and a small night life. There is a large entertainment community, as festivals and such frequent Decatur. It is a fifteen minute drive to downtown Atlanta, and has several green options for transportation.

Garden Hills is located directly north of Atlanta. It is a neighborhood located in the Buckhead community. It is a neighborhood that is close knit, and a ton of neighborhood associations. It does not have much of an entertainment/ night life scene, but there is a large night life scene in Buckhead, which is just a short drive away. All in all, it is a nice, close knit family friendly neighborhood located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Atlanta.

Morningside is located slightly northeast of Atlanta. It sits right next to Virginia Highland, and both neighborhoods are very nice. Morningside has great schools that a large portion of the community lends a helping hand with. There are numerous parks and playgrounds located throughout the neighborhood, and residents rave about how great of a neighborhood it is. It is about a 10 minute drive to downtown Atlanta. Overall, it’s a great family friendly neighborhood.

Virginia Highland is directly south of Morningside, so it is also slightly northeast of Atlanta. Anyone that lives in this neighborhood has nothing but good things to say about it. There is something for everyone. It is calm and quiet for families, yet young and hip enough for young people to live there too. The night life has a large scope of who it caters to, from kids to the elderly. There are great schools, both public and private, and the atmosphere of the neighborhood is fantastic. It is less than five minutes from downtown Atlanta.

If you are moving to Atlanta and searching for the right place to call home, all of these neighborhoods are family friendly. On top of that, they are all located within the perimeter. It just goes to show that even though Atlanta is riddled with crime, there are some neighborhoods that are interested in keeping them safe and sound for their families to grow up in.