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Best Places to Live in Georgia

Georgia on my mind, that’s what Ray Charles couldn’t stop singing about. The State of Georgia has got it going on with all the right stuff in all the right places. If you are deciding to move to Georgia and you need a guide on the best places to live in Georgia, well who better to ask other than Georgia movers All My Sons. We’ve moved people all around this fair state, all different cities, all the time. And on that note, if you’re moving down here make sure you use the All My Sons movers; they pack, load, unload and unpack all for you.

What you would consider some of the best places to live in Georgia really depends on what you’re looking for in a city. With much consideration, we’ve put together a list that caters to all types of people looking for different things.

Peachtree City – You’ll often find Peachtree City on lists that comprise best places to live in Georgia for families. This pleasant sounding town is one of the top places to live if you’re raising kids due to the tons of kid friendly places and great schools. It also has a high livability score because it is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Georgia. Did we mention it’s one of the safest cities in Georgia as well? All around this is just a great place to move to.

Athens – Sort of the polar opposite of Peachtree City, Athens, Georgia is a college town through and through. The University of Georgia college town has the most bars per capita than anywhere else in the country. Downtown consists of a one square mile area with 80 bars. Cheap rent and accessibility make this the best city in Georgia for college students.

College Park – Did we mention cheap? Nothing beats the prices of College Park. The city is safe and close to all the public transport. It’s another great destination for college students, hence the name, but really great for young professionals who need to save money and start working on that nest egg.

Atlanta – Well we can’t have a list of best places to live in Georgia without Atlanta on here somewhere. Atlanta movers at All My Sons have a long history in the area and a sense of pride about the capitol of the great state of Georgia. If you are looking for the authentic city lifestyle and vibe, then Atlanta is the place for you.

Alpharetta – By far the most affluent of all the cities on the list of best places to live in Georgia, but the high prices equate to higher quality. The city has some of the best amenities you’ll likely find anywhere in Georgia. Also as a bonus, it has a lower student to teacher ratio which means your little one will have a better education than most others.