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6 Ways to Make Your Home More Cozy

Some people love wide open, minimalist décor, and some prefer to have a home that looks more lived in. Whatever your personal taste may be, there are some decorating tips that you can apply to your home to make your home feel more inviting to friends and family. The Atlanta movers have a few ideas for helping you to easily lift the mood in your home.

The first tip is to pay attention to how you are hanging mirrors. Hanging mirrors opposite of windows can help you to really utilize and maximize natural light. The larger the mirror you hang, the more light you’ll get from it. You can even incorporate mirrored furniture to leverage light in different ways.

Don’t be afraid to personalize spaces with family photos. Seeing the faces that live in the home is a great way to warm up your space and welcome guests. Family photos serve as a brightening element too, as well as providing visual stimulation and helping to start conversation.

Play with lighting. While overhead lighting is likely installed in the room, candle sconces can offer diffused, warmer lighting that is more inviting than the sometimes harsh overhead lighting.

Incorporate white. A little bit of white, whether it is paint, in the form of fresh flowers, or a big white vase as a décor item can be transformative. White makes the space feel more fresh and crisp, and when mixed with a bevy of hues and textures it is the perfect complement to stronger colors, prints, and textures.

Change out your light bulbs. Lamps that aren’t directly overhead can benefit from brighter light bulbs because they will wake up various corners and spaces around the room. Halogen bulbs are fantastic because they emit a light similar to daylight, rather than the sleepy yellow that some bulbs emit. Clean, pure white light can simulate sunshine and subsequently bring about cheer.

Texturize your spaces. Throw pillows, blankets, and other layering pieces help give depth to your space without overwhelming it. For those nervous to use bold paint, you can use colorful accents to mix in strong colors and textures.