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Where to Sell Your Stuff in Little Rock

Move it or sell it? Our moving experts at All My Sons Moving & Storage have created a list of best places where to sell your stuff in Little Rock! There are two steps to follow before beginning. First, find out what exactly you want to get rid of. Secondly, determine if it’s worth donating or selling. Donation stores are all over Little Rock, but below we have compiled some of the locals’ favorite means of selling their items.

First, organize the items you no longer need and place them into categories. If its clothing, you can compile your articles of clothing into 3 separate piles; Keep, Maybe, Donate. Once you know exactly what you are looking to sell or donate, then you can split these piles into smaller categories such as Women’s, Kids, Summer, Winter, etc.

Secondly, figure out what’s the best option for you. Would you prefer selling in person or online? This can be dependent on how much time you are willing to spend.

Here are some apps used in the Little Rock area with the same purpose, to sell to nearby locals in the community.





These companies use apps where you can meet with locals to sell or trade your items. These apps provide flexibility in making the selling process convenient for you. Once you download either Varagesale, OfferUp, 5Miles or LetGo’s app to your mobile phone, you can sell to neighbors near you that might be interested in anything you are looking to sell. These apps have different features from one another, but overall, they provide the same selling and trading opportunities. To save time and money, when uploading products to sell on these apps, take clear pictures and provide an honest description. This will prevent any returns or lost transactions.

Looking to sell Women’s Clothing?

Plato’s Closet

13000 Chenal Pkwy

Little Rock, Arkansas, 7221

With over 135 locations nationwide, Plato’s closet is a popular store known for its fashion finds at affordable prices. Bring your clothing in and shop in the meantime while they review your gently used clothing. They only accept seasonal items, so make sure you call beforehand and ask what they are looking to purchase. More bang for your buck!

Clothes Mentor

12111 W. Markham Street

Little Rock, Arkansas 72211

If you are looking to sell designer brands, visit Clothes Mentor. Clothes Mentor is an upscale resale boutique that sells name-brand clothing at a fraction of the cost. Bring in your items and a computerized system quickly analyzes the cost of the product that the store will be willing to pay you for.

Facebook Marketplace

In 2016, Facebook launched their Marketplace feature where you can easily use your Facebook account to sell furniture, list your home, and car. What makes this convenient, is that it’s through an app that millions of people already have.


You can create a listing yourself, or if you’re short on time, have eBay sell it for you. This is a popular website where since 1995, this powerhouse tool has been used for auctioning and selling new and used items. Over 160 million users worldwide visit eBay to shop.

Moving in Little Rock?

Make your move with All My Sons Moving & Storage no matter how many items you have. Our moving company in Little Rock handles local, residential and corporate moves. If you are moving, call our Little Rock moving company at (501) 209-4103 for a free estimate today!