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Warmest Sheets for Your Bed During Winter

When the temperature starts to drop, that is when the layers start to come out. Sitting by the pool turns to sitting by the fire and cold beverage becomes a hot one. Winter means bundling up, staying inside with a movie, and being cozy. Finding the perfect blanket to snuggle up with makes all the difference in a snow day. Learn which are the warmest bedsheets for winter with this list from our Little Rock local movers.

The Best Sheets for Warmth and Comfort

One thing that you can expect during the winter is the need to bundle up. Whether you are in bed or out and about, cooler temperatures mean keeping warm with extra layers. Just like winter clothing, there are all types of bedsheets for winter. You can shop for wool mattress pads or blankets, flannel sheets, down comforters, and more to make your bed the warmest it can be.

Our Little Rock movers know that not everyone is a fan of the cold and want to share the warmest bedsheets for winter, so that you can be warm and cozy at home on those winter nights.

Down Bedding Products
When most people think of down, they think of a bird because birds have a light and fluffy coating that protects them from the elements. This is similar to the material down is made of. Since down is a light and warm material, it is often used for comforters, blankets, and pillows.

Wool Blankets
When you want to feel your warmest, grab a wool blanket to snuggle up in. Wool is one of the warmest bedsheets for winter because of its heat trapping qualities. Wool comes from the fleece of a sheep and is used to make winter clothing and bedding because it keeps its warmth, even when wet.

Silk Sheets
Silk is the most breathable of the warmest bedsheets for winter. Its lightweight and flexible fibers allow it to constantly regulate temperatures. Silk also conforms to your body and is naturally hypoallergenic. Another great quality about silk is that is not as puffy as wool or down, so if you will not heat up as quickly when wrapped in these sheets.

Polar Fleece
Polar fleece is a manmade fiber of polyester that can also be one of the warmest bedsheets for winter. Polar fleece traps air in the hollow core of its fibers to provide optimum warmth and softness. Blankets can be very lightweight and are easy to fold and store for the non-winter months.

Flannel Sheets
Flannel is made from cotton, so it is warm, soft, and lightweight. This is the perfect choice of the warmest bedsheets for winter if you want to feel soft and cozy in bed. Think of being wrapped in your favorite flannel Pjs. The only downside to flannel sheets is that they do not keep very well and may need to be replaced after a while.

When you are planning a move in the winter months, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our Little Rock residential movers will make you winter move quick and easy, so you can climb into the warmest bedsheets for winter and relax!