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Ten Quick And Easy Fixes For Around the House

After your move to Little Rock, it may not be long before you start to notice things that you missed when you were first shown around your potential house. Houses are not indestructible, so a little wear and tear is inevitable over time, and that’s okay! There are a lot of common household fixes that are quick and easy to repair on your own. With little bit of spare time and elbow grease, the Arkansas movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are confident can repair these easy fixes with our guidance.

1. Fixing a Faulty Freezer
 How many times have you opened your freezer only to find that the temperature isn’t keeping things as cold as it should be? Many times, you can fix this problem by clearing items out of the way of the vents inside, which provides the cold climate for the entire freezer. Keep all vents in your freezer unobstructed and the freezing temperature will return back to normal!

2. Fix a Stuck Door
Doors that do not shut properly are often just slightly offset in the door frame, due to the hinge screws being loose. Tightening all the screws that hold your door and frame together is an easy fix.

3. Fix Large Screw Holes
If you need to tighten a screw into a hole that has become too big to provide anchorage, all you need to do is grab a few toothpicks. Fill the hole with toothpicks and attempt to screw into the wall again. As you tighten the screw into place, the screw shreds the toothpicks, which fill the hole to restore anchorage to the problem spot. Simple fix!

4. Removing a Broken Lightbulb
If you have a broken light bulb still installed in one of your light fixtures, Arkansas movers warn you that removing the sharp and dangerous bulb is not a good idea for bare hands. However, with a bar of soap, you can safely and easily “grab” the jagged edge of the glass and turn the soap to unscrew the safety hazard. Replace the bulb and throw the glassy soap away!

5. Fixing the Imprints in Your Carpet
When furniture sits on top of carpet for a long time, the carpet can develop imprints which can be an eye soar. Removing carpet craters is one of our easy fixes! Simply place an ice cube on top of the imprinted carpet and let it set for a while. As the ice melts, the carpet strands float back to their original, stand-up positions leaving you with a flawless floor.

6. Removing Wax from Your Carpet
Candle wax spilled on your brand-new carpet after you’ve completed your move to Little Rock? Just grab several paper towels, and stack them on top of the waxy carpet. Then iron the paper towels to heat up the wax. As the wax melts, the paper towels above it absorb it off the carpet. To avoid burning the carpet, Arkansas movers warn you to make sure that the iron never comes into direct contact!

7. Fix Drafty Doors and Windows
Doors and windows that aren’t properly insulated can cause energy inefficiency in your home, and can even cause an annoying racket. In most cases though, simply installing weather stripping around the edges of the door and window frames puts a stop to the issue.

8. Fixing a Stubborn Key
For keys that are difficult to get in and out of locks, there are two simple solutions. Graphite, the lead commonly found in mechanical pencils, serves as an effective lubricant – as does soap! Rub your key liberally with one of the two and your stuck-lock problems will be over.

9. Killing Odors in the Kitchen
Certain meals can give off a not-so-pleasant smell that you’ll want to get rid of after you are finished cooking and eating. A simple solution for offensive odors will not only solve the problem, but also leave a very pleasant aroma in your home! Arkansas movers suggest boiling a pot of water with lemons, apples, cinnamon or anything else that smells great. As steam forms from the boiling water, the good smells travel upward and throughout your home along with it. You may even want to boil fragrant water after you move to Little Rock, just to give your new home a fresh, uplifting smell!

10. Removing a Stripped Screw
If you have stripped a screw trying to remove it from its place, it can be very frustrating. There is a very easy fix to get the screw out so that it can be replaced by a fresh one. Simply use a rubber band to amplify the grip that your screwdriver has on the head of the screw. The friction from the rubber band should be enough for the screwdriver to turn the screw enough so that you can remove it.

There are plenty of quick and easy fixes that you can successfully perform with household items that you already have. You may even find some quick and easy fixes that your Arkansas movers didn’t include in this helpful list! It doesn’t take much to be a handy man, just a little creative thinking, and the endless resources of multifunctional household items.