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How to Pack a Moving Truck – The Right Way

There’s a right way to pack a moving truck and a wrong way, but there’s no way in between. Visit any Little Rock moving company and they’ll agree that the list below is the best way to pack a moving truck. Regardless of what you think about packing a truck, some of these methods are universal, and will protect your belongings from being damaged.

Use Proper Packing Supplies

Though this doesn’t directly relate to packing a moving truck, all our Little Rock movers agree that packing a moving truck properly begins with the right packing supplies. In fact, we believe it is the fourth most common mistake made while packing, and we think that means its happening far too often. Spend a little extra and get professional packing supplies and moving equipment. This will save you money on replacing broken items or fixing damaged ones.

Furniture Goes in First, and Comes Out Last

There’s a special acronym you can use to remember what order to go in when you pack a moving truck: FILO. That means First In, Last Out. All the bulky heavy furniture should go in first when you pack the truck, and come out last when you unpack the truck. Packing furniture into the moving van first also allows you to use the tie downs to secure all those bulky items before placing boxes on top. This will ensure you have a safe move, and that none of your belongings will shift while driving.

Place All the Heavy Stuff at the Bottom

It’s time to play some twister and Tetris at the same time, which is why we started off with the furniture first. Now on to all those heavy boxes. Make sure that all the heavy items are on the bottom, because it will stabilize the boxes on top during the drive. It will also ensure that none of your belongings are crushed by the weight of the tops moving boxes.

Try Keep Rooms Together

Without violating the first three rules, try to keep rooms together. This makes it a little easier to keep your items together when you unload the moving truck. You will know that all the boxes in an area go to a particular room. This allows you to be a little more efficient when it comes to unpacking your truck.

Keep Important Items with You

Some things just shouldn’t be packed at all. Keep important items with you like jewelry, documents (social security, taxes, titles), and other important papers and keep sakes. Take those with you in your car and keep them close. Not only for your own peace of mind, but for the simple fact that those items should be as safe as possible.

If you want a professional moving company to take care of packing the moving truck, call All My Sons Moving & Storage in Little Rock and ask us about our full service moving packages. We do the heavy lifting so all you must do it focus on you and your family or business. Call us today!