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DIY Advent Calendar

With the holiday season approaching, it’s almost time to begin counting down to Christmas. Get in the holiday spirit and celebrate the countdown with a DIY advent calendar. A homemade advent calendar is festive, personal, and fun for the family. Our Little Rock movers are providing you with design ideas for your DIY advent calendar.

DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

There are advent calendars for all skills levels. Our Little Rock auto movers have listed an assortment of options, so you can find the one that fits your crafting capabilities. No matter your expertise, this Christmas activity brings cheer to your home with a fun surprise each morning.

Gift Box Advent Calendar – If you know how to gift wrap, then this advent calendar will be easy to create. This advent calendar is a collection of 25 mini gift boxes. Similar to a standard advent calendar, each box has a treat inside. The best part of this idea is that you can finally put your wrapping paper and ribbon scraps to use. Purchase candy and toys to store inside and watch your family’s faces light up.

Mason Jar Advent Calendar – Take advantage of mason jars. They are affordable and functional even after the holiday season. Decorate the outside of each mason jar with whatever fun designs you like and number them 1 through 25. Our movers recommend using wrapping paper to cover the lid so you can break the paper seal to reveal the items inside. Capture your excitement for this time of year with this DIY advent calendar.

Photo Advent Calendar – If you don’t have kids or are looking for an option that doesn’t involve candy, a photo advent calendar is a great option. Take a picture each day in December, print these photos, and put them out for everyone to see. Our movers recommend purchasing a wooden panel, painting a tree onto the surface, and gluing bulldog clips onto the tree. Then, hang your photos in the shape of a Christmas tree with the clips. This wooden panel is reusable, so this tradition can continue throughout the years.

Cookie Advent Calendar – When you get the family together to make Christmas treats, bake an extra 25 cookies for an advent calendar. Simply decorate the cookies 1 through 25 and put them in a glass container. You can also make the cookies square and lay them out to look like a calendar. You and your family will have something sweet to look forward to on each day.

Making a DIY advent calendar is a great way to make a new house feel like a home. If you plan to move to Little Rock, contact our expert movers for an affordable and stress-free move. With over two decades of experience, our Alexander movers are equipped to handle all of your moving and packing needs. Call our Pine Bluff movers for a free moving quote today!