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Make Packing and Moving Affordable with Little Rock Movers

Packing up all your stuff and relocating your entire life to a new home is a large feat. Understandably, it can cost a lot of money. However, there are multiple ways to make packing and moving affordable with the help of Little Rock movers.

Our Arkansas moving company has collected a list of tips and hacks to make moving and packing more affordable. Now you can move to your new home without breaking the bank. 

1. Enlist Local Little Rock Movers

Though it depends on your specific moving logistics and needs, a DIY move may not actually be the cheaper option. Regardless, DIY moving is rarely the more time efficient option. By enlisting the help of local Little Rock movers, your packing and moving needs can be met safely and in very short amount of time. At our Arkansas moving company, our Little Rock movers are also open to negotiating for lower rates.

2. Do Some of It Yourself

Even if you end up going with professional Little Rock movers, you can still make packing and moving affordable by performing some tasks yourself. You can disassemble furniture yourself, pack your smaller items beforehand, and even provide your own packing materials. All these things can lower down your moving cost in the end. 

3. Avoid Moving During the Summer

Moving rates charged by Little Rock movers depend on the time of year, so take advantage if you can be more flexible with your moving date. Moving companies, including our Arkansas moving company, tend to charge more during the peak moving season, which lasts from April to September. Many people choose to move during the summer which drives up the demand for movers with June, July, and August being the busiest months.

4. Choose a Winter Month to Move

After the craziness of summer, the demand for Little Rock movers decreases. It hits an all-time low during the fall and winter months. If you move during the fall or winter season, movers will be more willing to negotiate lower rates. Sometimes, you can shave off 20-30% off the standard moving rates, which translates to hundreds of dollars in savings.