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5 Tips to Declutter Your Home Before a Move

Anyone who knows anything about moving will tell you that moving is a complicated and tedious task. One of the most important aspects of moving is organization and preparation. Part of the process of being prepped for a move is to clean and declutter your home first - especially when you’re going to have your belongings boxed and transported by a professional packing service. Follow these tips to get your home in order and ready for a fast and efficient move.

Begin as soon as possible

It makes no difference if you’re moving within a few weeks or a few months, start decluttering your home as soon as you can. Professional Phoenix movers are known to keep things organized with checklists and inventory lists. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same thing. The longer you put things off, the more stressful it’ll be to get things together when the packing service professionals arrive. This is especially important when you’re unsure of what items you aren’t keeping. Therefore, it’s important to sort through what you own immediately after deciding to relocate to a new Phoenix home.

Set small goals

If you’re going to begin the decluttering process of your home, don’t make the mistake of trying to do too much at one time. Making attempts to organize a mountain of clutter can have a dissuasive effect that ultimately leads to the task not getting done accordingly or at all. Set small goals and make the workload more manageable for yourself. If you have an entire garage that needs to be sorted, focus on making a pile of just the seasonal items. Then go through anything that will be donated. Whatever it is that works for you to allow a favorable pace, utilize that method rather than taking on everything at once.  You’ll feel more motivated after seeing the progress you’ve made over time by applying this method.


Be prepared, much like your All My Sons Moving & Packing service professionals would be. Don’t begin decluttering an area of your home without obtaining the proper packing products and tools you’ll need to get the job done. For example, if you know or think you will be donating anything before a move, make sure that you have boxes or bags to contain the items you wish to get rid of. If you know that you have old documents that you no longer need, make sure you have scissors, or even better, a shredder handy. Don’t begin any job without having the right tools to be successful at it.

Host a Yard/Garage Sale

Any reputable Phoenix moving and packing service will set up a home walkthrough before providing a quote on your moving services. This is because prices are influenced by the number of items being moved as well as the weight of those items. To save on moving costs as well as the time it will take for packing service professionals to get your belongings transported to your new home, consider hosting a yard or garage sale for the things you don’t want or need. This will also serve to recuperate some of the moving expenses you’ve accumulated.