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What to Unpack First For Your Housewarming Party

So you only have a short amount of time to unpack before your house warming party, and even though you do not want to admit it, you are silently freaking out. After all, how are you supposed to unpack all of these moving boxes in time?

Before you panic, make sure to take a step back and let your West Palm Beach movers help you out. With over 20 years of moving experience, All My Sons Moving & Storage West Palm Beach has picked up a couple tips or two. Throughout the many years of helping families move to their new homes, your West Palm Beach moving company has noticed that there are certain things that your house guests pay attention to, and some things that they would never even notice.

Take a deep breath and relax while you read over these tips from your local West Palm Beach movers on what to unpack first for your housewarming party.

Basic Necessities. While this may seem like the most obvious, your West Palm Beach moving company know that it often times get forgotten among the general hustle and bustle of unpacking. Before you throw your housewarming party, make sure that there is toilet paper in all the bathrooms, there are towels for any guests that need it, and you have any toiletries easily accessible in the event that you or a guest need it.

Curtains. Even though you might not need that much privacy when using the bathroom, chances are that your house guests will not take too kindly to having a birds eye view to your neighbor’s house from the bathroom window – and vice versa. Make sure to unpack any curtains or blinds needed and have them hung up before your housewarming party. After all, a good party host makes sure that all of their guests are as comfortable as possible!

Lighting. Nothing puts a damper on the evening like having it get dark outside and realizing that you forgot to have your West Palm Beach movers unpack your lamps and candles. Having your lighting unpacked sooner rather than later is also important because you need to see how your lamps translate into your new home. After all, the lighting won’t look the same in your new home as it did in your old home. Test out the lighting before your house warming party so you can see what your new home looks like all lit up.

Pet Supplies. For the dog and cat lovers out there, make sure you have any necessary pet supplies unpacked such as leashes, pet food, water bowls, litter boxes, and so forth. Nothing ruins a party faster other than an aggravated dog because they have not gotten walked all day, or a cat who has no litter box to use. Plus, chances are that not every single one of your house guests are animal people, so make sure that you have all of the tools necessary to keep both parties happy at your housewarming party.