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West Palm Beach is Great for Empty Nesters

West Palm Beach is located right on the east coast of Florida, in between Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. Florida is one of the biggest spots for retirees to come, and it’s clear why. The climate is perfect for the older population, as cold weather can cause flare ups with arthritis, and Florida sees very little of that. West Palm Beach is a very affluent area, and you can tell that the residents care about their city by the way it is kept up. And although the median age of West Palm is 38, only 21.2% of the population has children. Do you know what that means? It means a great place for empty nesters to settle down and carry on their lives when their children learn to fly on their own.

The highest recorded temperature in the history of history in West Palm Beach was 101 degrees Fahrenheit in 1942, and the lowest was 24 degrees Fahrenheit in 1894. Now whether you just don’t like cold weather, or cold weather is bad for your health, it’s safe to say that you would be just fine in south Florida. Although the summers typically do get a little bit toasty, the winters are very mild and often don’t see temperatures below the mid 50’s. You can go to the beach pretty much year round, and that is definitely a perk to living in a beach town.

West Palm Beach is one of the most beautiful cities in south Florida. There is a very large affluent population, and when there are affluent people around, they want things to look nice. All of the landscaping is well manicured, the vast majority of the homes are in pristine condition, and everything is kept up very well. In a place where beach house mansions line the coast, it really makes sense that everything has to look perfect. These people don’t mess around.

The largest distribution of people in West Palm Beach is in their 30’s, so the town isn’t overrun by young people. At the same time, with less than a quarter of the population having children, it also isn’t overrun by families either. The main types of people that live there are seniors, retirees, and middle-aged singles. All three groups are self-sufficient and for the most part own their own home.  The seniors and retirees have lower levels of education whereas the middle aged singles are for the most part educated. They aren’t the singles that go around terrorizing people, they’re the ones looking to create a foundation before settling down.

So if you are middle aged or older, your children have left the nest, and you are ready to retire in Florida, West Palm Beach is right for you.