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West Palm Beach Interior Design Ideas

If you have recently moved to West Palm Beach, you will quickly discover that the town is centered on a beachy vibe and the love of everything ocean. The West Palm Beach moving company believes that whether you’re located a little inland in West Palm Beach, or you have a setup up just steps away from the sandy coast, bring the beach inside your West Palm Beach home through rustic, sea inspired décor. The professional West Palm Beach moving company has created this article to inspire you throughout your beach cottage decorating process.

Shabby Chic Minimalist. If you’re trying to pull in a relaxing ocean vibe, keep your design pallet simple. You can use purchase white slip covers to create a neutral look without buying all new furniture. Further the look with shabby white accent pieces spotted with natural beach accessories such as seashells and coral fans. To complete the simplistic shabby chic look in your West Palm Beach home, choose light blue hue statement pieces to add a little pop of color to the overall decorum.

The Toes in the Sand Look. Set up your new West Palm Beach home using neutral hues and subtle seashell décor to create chic, sea inspired living space. Use an eclectic mix of distressed furniture pieces, and keep in mind that they don’t all have to match. Using crisp white accents will showcase the casual elegance of a refined yet beach shabby West Palm home. Mix various furniture styles such as rustic, cottage, or contemporary with materials such as cotton, linen, or rattan.

Classic Turquoise. The West Palm Beach movers suggest soft neutral hues, found objects and distressed white furniture to bring in a contemporary nautical feel to your new home. You can primarily incorporate sandy hues to mirror the natural colors of the beach, and then spot the canvas with hints of turquoise to add a vibrant color that immediately directs the eyes to every part of the room. Break up the neutral palette by adding unexpected bits of color that will showcase every stunning detail.

Subtle Beach Décor. Even if you don’t want a full-beach inspired decorating scheme, you can still coordinate subtle hints of marine life and seashells into your décor. All My Sons of West Palm Beach suggest incorporating pieces of coral, seashells, and starfish to make a stunning accent pieces on hallway vignettes or in a bathroom area.

Chic Beach Appeal. For those who like to dress up their living spaces with sea accessories, but do not want to appear too theme oriented or formal, the moving company in West Palm Beach suggests displaying beach accessories on mantles or other open spaces.