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6 Ways You Are Ruining Your Clothes & Don’t Even Know It

Do you ever wonder why your clothes just don’t seem to hold up against the test of time? Or have you bought new clothing one too many times, only to have it shrink or lose its shape after a couple wears? Well, it turns out that you in fact may have been ruining your clothes…accidentally. But have no fear, because All My Sons Moving & Storage has created a list of six ways that you may, inadvertently, be shortening the life of your wardrobe. Just pick yourself up, read this list, and try again.

  1. Not All Are Created Equal. Just because you hang your shirts up does not mean you can do the same to your sweaters. By hanging your sweaters, you actually end up stretching out the neck and ultimately shortening the life of your sweaters. Stick to folding them and arranging them in a neat order to keep them in tip-top shape.
  2. Just Kidding. All of those extra hangers that your sweaters freed up can now be used to hang your jeans. Refrain from folding them; it ends up breaking down the fiber of the denim. You can also hang up your used workout clothes while they are waiting to be washed - throwing them in the hamper just creates mildew.
  3. Spare Your Swimsuits. Don’t wash your swimsuits in the washing machine, this fades the color and ruins the elastic. Instead, try hand washing your suits in the sink. Another no-no is wringing them out after you have gone swimming. Preserve your suit’s elasticity by rolling the suit into a towel and applying pressure in order to get rid of the excess water.
  4. Iron Less. Opt out of ironing your delicate clothing, such as silk, and invest in a much more clothing friendly steamer. It will pay for itself in the long run, when you are still wearing your favorite silk blouse.
  5. Support Your Boots. You have been leaving your boots on their own and, in turn, they have completely lost their shape. Make sure to store your boots with something that can fill them; whether it be paper, towels, or anything else that will give them additional support. Since leather softens over time, this will prevent them from losing their shape.
  6. You’ve Been Knotty. Failing to organize your jewelry only leads to the dreaded untangling when it comes time for you to wear that beautiful necklace your great grandma always wonders why you are not wearing when she comes to visit. We are all familiar with the process one has to go through, upon trying to salvage the one necklace out of the 20 that have been mashed into one giant knot. Save yourself a surprising amount of time, by storing your accessories in a jewelry box or hanging them on a necklace holder.