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Updating Your Kitchen and Master Bathroom, On a Budget

Do you know what two rooms hold the most value and importance in a home? 

The kitchen and the master bathroom are the two most looked at and admired rooms in a home and they also hold the highest remodeling value.  If you are planning on selling your home, All My Sons Moving & Storage of West Palm Beach recommends that you upgrade these two rooms, if possible. 

You do not have to spend your entire life’s savings on home remodeling. There are several cost effective and subtle changes that you can make in order to create an updated look. 

Before you begin remodeling, you will want to research what trends are popular in your area. If you live in Florida, adding a fireplace to your bedroom will not be an appealing upgrade to potential buyers, as it would be in a colder state like Denver. Make sure that the changes you make are in high demand in your area.

You also want to make sure that although you are updating your home, you do not update it to such a modern style that it will not last through future trends. “Less is more” when it comes to remodeling. A subtle change such as in the tiling, countertop, or wall color in your master bathroom and kitchen can go a long way.

For your master bathroom: if you have a nice bathtub, then maybe just upgrade your shower door or curtain.  If you have a nice vanity, then upgrade the faucets. If you notice that the lighting is poor, add a decorative light fixture that has more bulbs. If you have cracked tiling, have it replaced. If your bathroom is much older and has wallpaper, tear it down and paint one solid color. One of the most appealing features to a master bathroom is his and hers sinks. If you have enough room, take out the single vanity and replace it with either two free standing sinks with adorning mirrors, or a solid double vanity that has more storage space.

For your kitchen: if you have outdated cabinets you can choose to paint them or stain them. If your cabinets have been dinged, you can create more distress to them and then stain them, giving them a vintage look, yet updated and more stylish. If you have laminate floors, consider replacing them with tile or wood to increase the value that it will add to your listing price. You can also add backsplash, change faucets and knobs, update appliances to stainless steel or induction cook range.

Your West Palm Beach moving company wishes you luck on your remodeling adventures!  Keep in mind that less is more and always shop around for the best price, at the best quality.