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All My Sons of West Palm Beach likes to report from time to time about the real estate industry. What goes on in the market in terms of home prices, what cities are experiencing the most moves or relocations, the best cities for cheaper rent and more. This article, with the help of AOL.com, is all about the most unreal real estate on the market right now. AOL features the most expensive housing in the U.S. Most of these require much more than getting a good mortgage at the bank. For thes, you need some serious wealth. The West Palm Beach local movers found out that the home of the late Aaron spelling, creator of television shows Charlie’s Angels and Beverly Hills 90210 is on the market for $150 million. It has 56,500 square feet and 26 bathrooms. It has an attic that’s 17,000 square feet with a barber shop and hair salon. The Volcano House hovers like an alien spacecraft on the moon. It’s built atop a volcanic cone between LA and Las Vegas. The main house has two bedrooms two baths and panoramic views. The list of unreal homes continues with Resident Sea’s The World. It’s the world’s first floating condo cruiseship. It travels the globe and makes it t major festivals and events around the world including Rio for Carnival, England for Wimbledon, Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival and so on. A home on that ship can cost up to $4, 906,000. There’s also private residence in California with its own 19-hole golf course and private spa facilities. This golf course ranks 13th best in all of California and goes for about $75 million. They say a man’s home is his castle. And the 7,000 square feet Moorish-style residence listed on AOL definitely makes some lucky person feel like royalty. It has a 17 foot waterfall, a dungeon, a drawbridge and a helipad on the roof. Red Rock Island is the only private island in San Francisco Bay. Fisherman’s Wharf is just eight miles away and is about 5.8 acres of undeveloped rocky terrain. It’s worth $22 million. For stunning and historical views of Washington including the Washington Monument, the Lincoln memorial, the U.S. Capitol, there’s a unit townhome worth $2,600,000 that will deliver.

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