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Timeshare Backyard: The Newest Real Estate Trend

So we've all heard about foreclosures and short sales in the real estate world, and buzz words like housing bust and cash-only sales in the last few years since the real estate market took a nosedive. But what about backyard timeshares? Yes, the local West Palm Beach moving specialists learned all about the latest craze in real estate. All my Sons of West Palm Beach found out the timeshare backyard is an empty lot in lower Manhattan that has been transformed into a rentable backyard by a company called The Participation Agency. For $50 an hour (however there's a 2-hour minimum), people living in the concrete jungle of NYC can get together with 30 of their closest friends, enjoy the barbecue grills, lounge chairs, squirt guns and even potty stations. The local West Palm Beach movers learned you can even have a wadding pool for $200 more.

All My Sons of West Palm Beach know New Yorkers live in tiny places with no backyards and harsh weather conditions for the a big part of the year, so it's no surprise this suburban kind of environment is doing great. The lack of outdoor leisure time typically leads to stress, so these summer get-togethers can really help. There's a UCLA study that links clutter and depression to lack of outdoor exposure. There's even a database online at rentthisyard.com that offers information on where to rent a backyard across the country, with even umbrella insurance for rainouts. Thankfully, in West Palm Beach, Florida, there aren't a lot of people who have to rent a yard to enjoy the great outdoors.

Most homes and condo complexes in Florida offer lots of green space and pools. The beach also offers public access to everyone with plenty of parks and other areas providing the very best in water sports like canoeing, jet skiing and so much more. If you don't have enough green space around your place, look for a house that's on a bigger lot. You'll get a bigger backyard and possibly a front yard too. It's great if you have children and/or pets. When you find your dream home, call the local West Palm Beach movers for professional moving services and a great moving quote. We'll quilt pad wrap your furniture and help take care of every detail of your move. Should you need professional moving boxes or moving kits, the All My Sons of West Palm Beach can help with that too.