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Strategically Placing Your Fire Extinguisher in Your New Home

Having a fire extinguisher in your home is vital for your family’s safety. Many West Palm Beach movers are becoming more adamant in adding them to homes for fear of a fire. A smart decision for those looking to move to West Palm Beach, but you may be thinking, where exactly should you put it? No need to worry, we have strategic places to store your fire extinguisher.

The basic rule of thumb relating to fire extinguishers is to strategically place them around your home and property to be able to have one in your possession within 6 seconds after you become aware of a fire. The key is to prevent a starter, or “incipient”, fire from spreading and having a fire extinguisher nearby can do that. It takes 30 to 60 seconds for a fire to get out of control, so making sure one is nearby is very important.

  1. Kitchen. 65% of all fires start in the kitchen. Storing your fire extinguisher near the stove may not be your best idea but you will want it close enough that it is in reach. Talk to your local firefighters to see where the best spot in the kitchen might be.
  2. Master Bedroom. You may be surprised as to why storing a fire extinguisher is important in bedrooms. Suppose the candles you lit for that lovely aroma you wanted falls on your carpet. This situation can quickly be handled if you store your extinguisher in your closet.
  3. Grill/Patio. This is a very important place to store an extinguisher, as a grill can be dangerous. Because of grease and hot coals, it is common for the grill to accidentally start on fire. If a person is not careful, they can also start the house or deck on fire.
  4. Fireplace/Wood Burning Stove. Home heating is typically the second highest cause of home fires. Even though most heating related fires are in the wood stove or furnace, chimney fires are also very common. Storing an extinguisher next to but not directly close to your fireplace is a good idea.
  5. Utility Room. Because of the concentrations of appliances (e.g. hot water heater and furnace) and electrical panels, locating a fire extinguisher here is wise. Do not overlook this area.
  6. Special Areas–Campers/RV, Boats, Personal Vehicles, ATVs, and Motorcycles-All involve fuel of some sort; therefore, they are likely to catch fire. If you house items like these in your garage, placing your extinguisher in the garage can help reduce a large fire build up.

Make sure when you finish moving to West Palm, you invest in a fire extinguisher and strategically place it where you think it’s best! Fires happen more than you think and All My Sons Moving & Storage cares about your safety and well-being.