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Single Women Focus on Real Estate

According to the National Association of Realtors, single women represented 20%of all homebuyers last year. That number is actually higher than the 12% of men who bought homes during that same year. Some experts are saying that the difference between the numbers are due to women wanting a home of their own and a sense of belonging. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies say that the three driving forces behind why women buy homes are: relocation for family or job, a larger space and nesting.

Low interest rates also play a part in this trend.

This new trend is causing home builders to add extra features that are geared towards attracting women to buy. New construction these days possibly include gourmet kitchens, security, yards with less maintenance needed amongst other things to attract women homebuyers. single women are looking for a good location, a good price and a home that's in good condition, not requiring many repairs. A old home is not a deal breaker, but the house does have to be in good shape. As far as the price tag, single women are used to have a certain lifestyle, usually a convenient and unrestricted one. When they're buying homes, they're looking for a sales price that's not only not going to break the bank, but also a price that won't alter their comfortable lifestyle too much. These homebuyers are at various stages in their lives, some engaged to be married, some right out of college, some divorced or with kids out of the house. Their situation plays a part in their decision making.

Single women looking to buying homes are also looking for what's around a potential home. Not only are they interested in a safe neighborhood and community, but also in their proximity to retail shops, restaurants, supermarkets, work and so on. Some of these women are also interested in buying a place that they can easily rent should they have to leave for work or family emergency. Being close to the center of things helps rent out the place for a little while.

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