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The West Palm Beach Movers Explain Shared Households

According to the Census Bureau, between 2007 and 2010, there was an increase of 11.7% in households with at least one additional adults, making up 18.7% of all households today. A shared household is defined as those including one non-student over 18 who's not the householder or the spouse or same-sex partner or anyone in the home. The All My Sons of West Palm Beach have learned that these living arrangements can include living with a roommate or having an older parent or relative move into the residence. Due to the tough economy, many people opted to cohabitate to offset some of the cost of living including rent payments, utilities and other day-to-day expenses. The West Palm Beach moving specialists also know that many people also lost their homes to foreclosures, forcing some to go back to living with parents and extended family members while they transition.

Adult children going back to living with their parents was the largest group of this shared household trend. The Pew Research Center reported that 29% of parents with adult children side their kids had moved back home recently. The All My Sons of West Palm Beach found out the over 60% of people between the ages of 25 and 34 said they had a friend who had done the same. Even our professional movers had helped some families move back to the West Palm Beach area with their immediate relatives during the past few years. According to the Washington Post, these days there are more multigenerational households than at any time since the 50s. This of course impacts the real estate market as well as the moving industry. Because if a smaller number of households form, then fewer homes are needed and sold, and fewer residential moves occur. This can slow down the already-slow recovery of our real estate market because there are less homebuyers.

The National Association of Realtors reported that in May, first-time homebuyers represented 34% of existing home sales. Are you a first-time buyer, getting out of a shared household situation? Do you need help moving your personal belongings out of your parents’ house? If so, call the local West Palm Beach movers for professional moving services and an affordable moving quote. We have experience in all types of moves including commercial moves and auto moves, so you know you're in good hands. We're part of the All My Sons Moving network of professional movers that are backed by four generations of movers. All My Sons movers have moving offices in other parts of Florida, including Jacksonville, Miami-Fort Lauderdale and more