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It’s Time to Renovate

Have you been waiting for the right moment to make those renovations? Well, the West Palm Beach movers, your local West Palm Beach moving company suggests to get things rolling! This is the best time to start that project that you were waiting for. Why? Well it's pretty simple, actually. Right now the housing market as we all know is not at its peak, but the prices of materials have dropped sharply. If you've been wanting to repair that deck or fix your roof or maybe even update your outdated bathroom to more modern times, now would be a great time to do it! According to Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies, home renovations are down by 12% since being at the high last year.

Yes, real estate is dropping everywhere but that is no reason for you to wait on your renovation projects. Right now you can even negotiate better deals with contractors (that is if you are not Mr. handy) because they are hungry for work which again means that the ball is in your court. Some experts believe that you might be able to save 10% on the cost of renovations or maybe even more if you start today. Not only will you be saving money on much needed renovations, but this will increase the value of your home at the same time. The housing market is tough right now but who knows where it's going to be in the coming years. With those renovations that you are going to undertake, it will increase the value of your property and thus get you a better profit when and if you choose to sell that property. So, not only are you saving money by making some renovations now, but you will most likely get that money back and then some when you decide to list your home for sell.

Although cost of materials have dropped, it's important to pick the right renovations to give that extra value to your home. Maybe a swimming pool has been your dream project, but it might not add as much value as you would think. In fact, there are some buyers that avoid homes that have pools because of the added cost and maintenance that a pool brings. Instead, choose to update your bathroom, which is a very important room in the house. Or maybe, installing new windows in the house. People love nice big windows and the material cost for that is much lower right now. That is something to think about.

And when the market comes back and you sold your house, get ready to move on to that next big mansion of yours by calling the local West Palm Beach movers to help you get there. We are expert movers with a great reputation. The West Palm Beach moving specialists will quilt pad wrap your delicate valuables to get them to your new mansion safe and sound. Happy renovations from the West Palm Beach movers!