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How To Reduce Stress When Moving To West Palm Beach

Moving is commonly ranked as one of life’s top 10 stressors.  Moving to a new place is right up there with death, divorce, unemployment, marriage, and getting a new job.  However, there are some simple steps you can take when moving to West Palm Beach to reduce stress and keep your sanity, not to mention the sanity of those around you.  One theory as to why moving is so stressful is that the number of tasks that must be completed can seem overwhelming.  You have to sell your old place, find a new place in West Palm Beach, pack all of your belongings, move your stuff from the old place to the new place, find a new dentist, find a new vet, say goodbye to old friends, start a new job, etc.  The list might seem endless.

It is best to break this monumental to-do list into easy, manageable steps.  Instead of haphazardly looking to hire West Palm movers, a West Palm interior painting company, some way to transport pets,  and how to enroll kids in a new school, write down everything that needs to be done on a piece of paper.  Then, transfer each list item onto a calendar in order of importance.  If necessary, break down items that have more than one step.  For example, hiring quality West Palm movers can be a multi-step process.  You have to research moving companies online, contact a handful from a short list, and pick the best one.  For this task, you could say that on Monday you will do some research online and write down the contact info for five moving companies.  Tuesday you can call each, check for availability, and request quotes.  Then, Wednesday you can choose a moving company and finalize the details.  By breaking things down into simple steps, everything seems easier. 

Never be afraid to phone a friend and ask for help.  Asking a friend to drop everything with short notice is not a great idea.  However, many friends would be happy to clear a few hours on a Saturday to help speed along the packing process and make things more enjoyable.  Friends and family are typically willing to help in a time of need, especially if lunch is offered as a thank-you.  However, ensure that your time of need is not 2 hours from when you call.  Add contacting friends for help to your calendar.

Organizing a move to West Palm Beach in a single day would be a tour de force.  Plus, most people have other responsibilities, such as working and taking care of children.  Instead of bordering on the edge of a stress-induced breakdown, show yourself how simple moving really can be.  Look up the numbers for 5 moving companies?  That’s easy.  Call 5 numbers and ask a few questions?  That’s not a problem.  Hire reputable West Palm movers?  It’s done.  You should start conceptualizing large tasks with many components (e.g. moving) as many small tasks that are easy to do.  Sometimes, it is hard to see really how easy moving can be until you write everything down and put specific, simple tasks on a calendar.  Before you know it, you will be unpacking in your new home in West Palm Beach and ready to enjoy the sunshine.