Rating 4.6

Praise for AMS of West Palm Beach

I’m so glad I hired All My Sons of West Palm Beach, what a great moving crew. So experienced and professional. They were really outstanding, moving and loading and going up and down the elevator of my condo. Moving is usually so stressful, I’ve had bad experiences before, with unreliable moving companies, but you guys blow everyone out of the water. Your moving services were impressive and I think the next time I’ll also have you do the packing for me. Hey, why not? This testimonial was by Amanda Bovy, Jupiter FL.

Our move took place several weeks ago. My wife and I had been packing for what seemed like weeks, by the time we had to research a moving company, we really didn’t have that much energy to put into it. Luckily, my pal Marc told me about a moving company he used to move his office and he said thye did residential moves too. So I called up All My Sons of West Palm Beach and got a few of my questions answered. Their customers service was great on the phone and seemed to be very established. So I hired the All My Sons of West Palm beach movers to do the job for us. They moved all of our belongings efficiently and professionally. Everything made it onto their moving truck and was transported back to Delray Beach to our new home. There, they helped us set up and continue doing such a great job. Both my wide and I were so happy with the entire moving experience. This testimonial was by Mario Burns, Delray beach, FL

Again, a million thanks for the amazing move you did for my entire family. Your West Palm Beach movers were super fantastic, great service and knew how to handle the task at hand. I was really impressed, it’s not everyday that I get the luxury of working and dealing with such professionals. You really made my whole moving experience so much more pleasant and less stressful. I got everything delivered in one piece with damages and no scratches which I can tell you from past experiences wasn’t the case. I’m so glad my colleague told me about your moving services, now I have bragging rights of recommending you guys to everyone I know. This testimonial was by Jeanette Curtin, Jupiter, FL.

 This past month, All My Sons of West Palm Beach moved all of my belongings from my 2-bedroom apartment in Port St. Lucie to West Palm Beach. They did a wonderful job transporting my stuff out of my apartment without damaging or breaking any of my things. I was especially worried for my precious pool table, boy do I love that thing. I’m happy to say it made it onto the moving truck safely. This testimonial was by Emile Munoz, West Palm Beach, FL