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Get Started on Your Move

Moving is not high up there on the list of fun things to do. However, it is something that many of us have done, numerous times. People move for different reasons, whether it’s because the household is growing or because of a new job, moving can be overwhelming and stressful at times. That’s why the All My Sons of West Palm Beach movers thought they would give you several moving tips to help make the experience a little easier. You’ll be less intimidated, have a budget and know how to hire professional movers like the West Palm Beach moving team.
It’s best to create a timeline when you’re planning to move. By indicating crucial details on paper and the dates they have to be accomplished, you’ll keep the move going and stay on tract. Plus, you won’t risk anything getting lost in the stresses of moving. Give yourself some time and plan ahead, so you’re not rushing and stressing through your chores and lists of things to do.

Before you’re ready to transport your things to your new home, make sure you know the area before. When moving there are certain regulations that need to be considered by you and the movers, for example where to park the moving truck, what days and times you’re allowed to actually move in and so on. You might need a special key for the elevator or have to use a service elevator if you’re moving into a building.

Getting to know the neighborhood before your move is a great idea as well. Especially if you have younger children. Visit the area a few times, explaining that you will be living there shortly. Spend time together strolling around, maybe stopping by an ice cream shop or the park. For your purposes, you can locate where the local dry cleaner’s is, the supermarket, post office and so on. During these visits, discuss with your children their feelings about the move. This will help everyone transition well.

You should include in your timeline a date by which you want to have booked your professional movers. Before you hire a moving company, you’ll have to do your research, even maybe get a few moving bids, to see who can offer you the best value in moving services at the best price. So your research should also be built into your time line. Look online for ideas and reviews on movers in the area and call a few to speak to their moving representatives.
Of course, if you’re moving in and around West Palm Beach, like Boca Raton and Delray, your movers of choice are the All My Sons of West Palm Beach movers. We’ll take care of all the moving details, quilt-pad wrapping your furniture, assembling your furniture and offering you a stress-free residential move. Our moving company is licensed and insured and is part of a huge, reliable network of expert movers.