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Dream Homes

Dream Homes have a different price tag depending on where they are located. According to a new repot that looked at four bedroom two bath home listings, the most expensive market was in Newport Beach, California and the most affordable dream home was in Detroit. Coldwell Banker just released a report that surveyed 18,000 for bedroom two bathroom home listings in almost 300 real estate markets. The results stated hat there’s a 1.7 million dollar divide between the US’ most expensive real estate market and the most affordable one. The All My Sons of West Palm Beach found out that the average home price in Newport Beach for a home is $1.8 million and Detroit’s is $68,000. The national average is about $353,000. California dominated on the most expensive side, with six of the top markets.

Nearly 30% of the markets had average home listing prices of less than $200,000 and over 60% had average home listing prices of more than $300,000. The most affordable housing markets were in the Midwest with home prices from $116,000 in Topeka, Kansas and 68,000 in Detroit.

For renters who have a stable income and savings for a down payment, owning today is very affordable. In Detroit for example, for a four bedroom, two bathroom house, at $68,000 with a 30 year fixed mortgage at 4 % interest rate, a homeowner can spend about $325 a month on principal and interest, much less than renting.

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