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The West Palm Beach movers Present a Halt to the Spread of Nightclubs?

In a down economy, it's difficult to find a business that is thriving. Seems like the nightclubs aren’t doing so though. In fact they are doing pretty well. Who doesn't like to go out with friends and have a good time all night long. Well, the West Palm Beach movers want to remind you not to drink and drive. But it seems that the Mayor Lois Frankel doesn't want the nightclub industry she once fought vigorously to save West Palm Beach downtown to spread. The reason for her decision is that the retail industry is going to come back at some point in time and the Mayor doesn't want to invade the retail space with too many nightclubs.

like back in 1993 the entertainment district didn't allow nightclubs within 500 feet of one another. At that time the commission spoke in turning West Palm Beach into South Beach. In 2002, the city allowed only two nightclubs per block. They decided on this because of all the nightclubs and crime that took over Clematis Street.

Mayor Frankel back in 2003 said “when I became mayor, routinely people were getting shot and stabbed and raped, it was the wild west.” She also added that now “West Palm has one of the safest entertainment districts in the country.”Seems like for the time being there is going to be a two nightclubs per block rule imposed. This doesn't seem so bad. It actually is a good idea to leave that free space for when the economy turns around. As much as the nightclubs are doing well, it's important to have different businesses around the area too, especially when tourists are in town shopping.

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