Rating 4.6

What a great Moving Crew

Thanks a lot for all your hard work All My Sons of West Palm Beach movers. You guys were great. I couldn’t have had an easier move out of a Delray apartment into a Delray home. I’m so happy my friend told me about your All My Sons moving services. You guys really made moving day easy, or almost. What a difference to be working with reliable movers versus having a few friends help out. I was a lot less stressed this time, plus I used a lot of the info I found on your website to make moving easier as a whole. I started to pack a lot earlier than I usually do and even used the All My Sons moving connection to get professional moving boxes. Sure beats visiting multiple supermarkets for a few boxes. Your moving articles and checklists really helped me plan out the entire move. I packed room by room, made sure to label my boxes and even enlisted the kids into helping out. Everyone pitched in and we made it a routine. After work and school for the kids we would order take out and get to work. The kids took care of their bedrooms including packing their clothes into wardrobe boxes and taking care of packing all their books, art supplies, shoes and knick knacks and they volunteered to pack the toiletries and everything found in the two bathrooms we had in the apartment. The rest of the home, with the more delicate items, like the fine china and small kitchen appliances, my husband and I took care of. Packing wasn’t a big deal when everyone volunteered to do a little. We also got rid of some stuff we weren’t going to use in our new home, making the moving load a little smaller. All My Sons of West Palm Beach movers showed up on time and started to work immediately. They were efficient and productive and I knew my personal belongings were in good hands. All My Sons of West Palm Beach in knew were a licensed and insured moving company so I felt secure in their moving services. I had heard about their reputation in the moving world and knew they even did commercial moves so that made very credible in my eyes. Plus with a network of moving offices throughout many states, I knew I had nothing to worry about. And so won’t you. This moving review was by Leslie P., Delray, FL