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Moving on a Budget

During these tough economic times, it’s very important to watch every dollar you make, that’s why All My Sons Moving and Storage of West Palm Beach is posting this article with a few tips and advice about moving on a budget. First and foremost, it’s really important for you to understand the benefits of hiring a professional moving company like All My Sons of West Palm Beach. If you’re looking to move in the area and its surroundings, we’ll be more than happy to do the move for you. We have a solid reputation and out West Palm Beach movers are experts at what they. They’ve performed countless moves, residential as well as commercial and have perfected and mastered the tasks at hand. Plus, you won’t have to worry about damaged goods which in turn will save you money because you won’t be replacing items.

You’ll also be saving money in terms of no scamming. Because we are professional, we won’t give you a low price at first only to give you a higher one once we have your belongings on our truck. A lot of people who don’t deal with reliable companies go through these problems, the same story goes with moving brokers which we don’t deal with.

Another tip in saving during your move is to try to use packing materials that are free. Ask around for boxes or get them from grocery stores. Use sheets, clothing or even towels to wrap up some of your fragile items. Not only will you be saving on bubble wrap, but you’ll also be practicing ‘being green’ because in essence, it’s a form of recycling.

Try to make money instead of spending it by advertising a yard sale all over your neighborhood. Sell everything you haven’t used for a while or things you might want to replace in your new home, like for example, lamps, coffee tables, old books and knick knacks. For more substantial items, try to sell them online on community websites like Craigslist and Backpage. You might end up with a serious amount of money that you can contribute to your moving budget.

All My Sons of West Palm Beach suggests finding out if you’re move is eligible for tax deductions. If you’re relocating for the purpose of employment you might be able to deduct taxes. Ask your personal accountant for information on this matter. That might help you save more money.

Leave behind or donate to charity the items that you can’t sell in your garage sale and have no use for. By moving less personal belongings, you’ll pay less for your move.

Stay tuned for more moving saving tips from All My Sons of West Palm Beach.