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Weathering the Storm

Hurricane Sandy has been the main topic of conversation this past October with some states just getting the remnants and dealing with a tropical storm while others dealing with a more serious situation. People stocked up on supplies, other boarded up their windows, even corporations closing their offices. So what should you do to when a hurricane or violent storm is on the horizon? The local West Palm Beach movers suggest cleaning out your rain gutters to prevent the water to end up in your home's walls. You should also install a battery backup system for your water pump to prevent flooding and interior damage. Don't forget to reinforce your window shutters. Use heavy duty hinges and add deadbolts to your doors. The West Palm Beach moving specialists remind you to examine your roof, making sure it could handle strong winds.

If you have a lot of trees in your front and back yard, make sure to trim the branches. Clear out the yards of any toys, outdoor furniture or anything that can be launched onto the house and potentially break a window. You don't want any debris to float around and possible damage your home. The local West Palm Beach moving specialists remind you that preparing for a hurricane or violent storm means you're making plans ahead of time. You should have a good homeowners insurance, flood insurance and possibly even a wind insurance. Make sure to understand your policy and coverage. For flood insurance, you can get covered by the government's National Flood Insurance Program with a deductible that's in place for high-risk areas.

Be on the lookout for the most up to date news. A violent storm can affect many areas of your daily routine. Your office might be closed, public transportation can be out work, your children's schools can be closed, even the local convenient store can have its doors closed. Listen to the radio for updates or watch the news if your cable is up and running. Most importantly, the local West Palm Beach moving specialists suggest you stay safe. If you notice that hurricanes damage your area on a regular basis, moving to a safer zone might be an option. For professional moving services at an affordable moving quote, moving boxes plus moving kits,  you can always count on All My Sons on West Palm Beach.