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How to Organize Your Attic

Halloween has come and gone and it’s now time to put your decorations away. Like most people, we store our decorations in the attic and like many others, we store things we just don’t know where to put in the attic as well. Attics are notorious for being cluttered with half-filled boxes from your move to Jacksonville and piles of unused items that are simply too good to throw away, but still get in the way.

Getting your attic in order saves time, energy and space. 80 percent of home clutter is caused by disorganization–not by lack of space. All My Sons Moving & Storage wants all the areas of your new home to be clean and organized, that includes your attic! Here are some helpful hints on organizing this part of your home.

  1. Sort stuff. Based on what you use and what you don’t use, this is the stage were things have to go. Place items in piles for things you need and things you don’t need. Once you have sorted everything that is in the attic, it will make it much easier to put them away where they belong.
  2. Get Rid of Junk. As soon as you have a pile set for junk stuff, get rid of it. If you wait until the end of your organization day to get rid of the junk, you might keep stuff or it just will be in your way. Jacksonville movers know that the first step in moving is getting rid of things you do not need. This will dramatically help you organize.
  3. Consider a self-storage unit. If you have large furniture in your attic that is taking up a lot of space, consider getting a storage unit. The more space you have to organize, the better.
  4. Containers or Bins. We cannot express enough how much containers help with organization. These little to large boxes are perfect for documents, little Knick knacks, blankets, hardware, anything you can think of. They also bring great space to any counter top.
  5. Labels. One of the most overlooked steps in organizing your attic is labeling the contents of your storage containers. Attach index cards or large labels to the containers to indicate what’s inside them. Placing the bins on top of each other based on importance is key. 
  6. Consider Shelving. Shelving is a very fun, inexpensive DIY project that will save you time and space. Metal shelving is relatively inexpensive and works well in the attic, but don’t forget to anchor it to the wall.
  7. Hang Items. Use hooks and pegs to bring order to disorder. Consider hanging fire extinguishers, fishing rods, and anything else you’d like to get off the floor.

Once you have finished organizing your attic, let your family know of all the things you accomplished and how you want things kept. This will ensure that your attic is constantly organized and nothing is out of place.