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How To Move A Plant

If you’re moving to a new place in the upcoming weeks and your move includes house plants there are a few things you should know about taking good care of them prior to the big day. All My Sons Moving and Storage of West Palm Beach is here to help you with a few tips on how to prepare your plants for the move in the weeks leading up to it.

Three weeks before your move, All My Sons West Palm Beach movers suggest repotting the plants that are currently in clay pots into unbreakable plastic containers of the same size. Don’t change the size of the container because that can be dangerous for certain plants.

Two weeks before moving, the movers at All My Sons Moving and Storage of West Palm Beach suggest pruning larger plants so they can pack better and have more bushy plants that are more attractive. Pinch back whatever is newly grown with your thumb and forefinger. Remember, succulents and ferns don’t do well with pruning.

One week before moving day, check the plants for insects and parasites.

Two days before the big day, water your plants as you normally do. Don’t over-water them because they can grow fungus during the move.

On moving day itself, All My Sons West Palm Beach movers suggest wrapping large house plants with an old sheet or tissue paper to prevent the branches from breaking. Place the plants in boxes, making sure each plant has a different box and fits snugly. You can use paper around the bottom of the boxes to help you stabilize the plants and make them fit into their boxes. Punch air holes on the side of the boxes and loosely fasten the lid so the plants can breathe. Also, make sure the boxes are upright and marked with ’plant’. You can choose to load it in the moving truck or take it with you in your car so you can have more control over it. Whatever you do, make sure you load the house plants last. If you choose to put it in your car, try to avoid the truck because of the heat and lack of fresh air. If there’s a long way to go before arriving to your new home, you can make a few stops in shaded areas and crack a window open.

Once in your new place, the All My Sons West Palm Beach movers recommend unpacking your plants first. Remove them from the bottom of the boxes to avoid breaking their branches or leaves. Place them where you can enjoy them most and watch them blossom.