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How Long is That Remodel Going to Take?

Between the countless amount of people trekking through your home with their noisy tools and the accompanying mess they make, and the interruptions to your daily routine, renovating your home can seem like the progress crawls from day to day. How long are these things supposed to take anyways?

All My Sons Moving & Storage has just the answers your have been looking for!

Take a look at these common remodeling projects that necessitate enlisting the services of professionals in order to complete. These three projects usually take a minimum of one week to finish and have varying levels of disruption, which is to be expected while waiting for the project to finally reach completion.

  1. Additional Bedroom. Now that you have finally decided what to do with your attic space, turning it into a bedroom will, on average, run you about $51,696. You can expect it to take anywhere from 8-10 weeks and during that time, the plumbing will be extended, HVAC ducts will be put in, electrical wiring will be added to the attic, as well as insulation, drywall, and flooring. Luckily, with this project you can expect minimal disruption throughout your home, since it does not involve your main living areas. A handy tip: you will most likely want to change your furnace filters every two to three weeks throughout the duration of the project, due to the plaster dust that results from drywall installation.
  2. Hardwood Floors. Tired of not being able to see dirt and whatever else creeps its way into your home with your carpet flooring? Well, in the timespan of about 2-14 days, at a price of $1.50 to $4 per square foot, you can fix that problem by installing hardwood flooring. During that time, expect to hire someone to sand, stain, and seal your new flooring throughout your home. While it does not take that long to complete the project, you can expect to have to move furniture and cover surfaces in order to prevent wood dust from making its way onto your belongings. This may prove problematic regarding the general daily routine of yourself and your family, because you will not be able to walk on the floors while the project is underway, and then for an additional two days afterwards.
  3. Bathroom Upgrade. Making the decision to transform your bathroom, involves updating plumbing fixtures, installing ceramic tile around a porcelain-on-steel tub, replacing an old toilet with a low-flow one, installing ceramic floor tiles, and picking out solid-surface vanity counters. Running an average of $16,724, the typical timeframe for completing a total bathroom renovation is about 2-3 weeks. If you only have one bathroom, this may prove problematic regarding your daily morning shower and routine. However, if you have multiple bathrooms within your home, then this renovation could prove to be completely painless.