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How to Have Fun in West Palm (Without Spending Money)

Do you know what one of the first things your family will want to do once your West Palm Beach moving company finishes settling them in is? If you don’t know the answer, then let All My Sons Moving & Storage help you figure it out – they will want to go and explore their new city, of course!

After all, one of the biggest perks of having your West Palm movers relocate you and your family to sunny South Florida is that you can now enjoy the outdoors all year long. That means no more bundling up in bulky layers every time fall rolls around, no more having to shovel snow off of your sidewalk, and definitely no more having to look at pictures of palm trees and sunny skies, wishing you were there – just step outside instead!

In order to fully take advantage of finally making the trek from cold to warm weather with your West Palm Beach moving company, there are certain places you will want to visit in order to get better acquainted with your new home. But considering that West Palm Beach can be a bit pricey, you might be wondering how you and your family will all be able to take advantage of the city – without spending a small fortune.

Alas, fear not! For your favorite West Palm movers, All My Sons Moving & Storage, have just what you are looking for - a list of how to have fun in West Palm (without breaking the bank).

West Palm Beach Green Market. Since 1994, the West Palm Beach Green Market has been selling delicious local fruits, vegetables, and goods to the community. From October to May, from 9 am to 1 pm every Saturday, head on over to the market in order to get a taste of West Palm. Who knows, you may run into your West Palm Beach moving company while you are there!

Cycle the Lake Trail. Chances are that your family is most exciting to finally be able to enjoy year-round warm weather once your West Palm movers drop everyone off. And after all, who could blame them? Get a head start on taking advantage of the outdoors by going on a family outing to Cycle the Lake Trail. Located along the Intracoastal Waterways, this six mile long trail will take you along the water all the way to the end of the island. It’s one of the best ways to see your new city and check out all the surrounding neighborhoods as well.

Grassy Waters Preserve. Have you ever gone canoeing? How about seen a bobcat in the wild? Well, pay a visit to the Grassy Waters Preserve and finally have your chance! This protected area has several trails open for hikers, a guided canoe tour and even a catch and release fishing trip. Home to a wide variety of native wildlife, nothing will welcome you to Florida other than seeing your first alligator in the wild!