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Home Measurement Guidelines that will Make Renovating Easier

When you take a tour of either a home that you are looking to buy, or a friend or family member’s home, whenever a space feels right, it could be because it has been built up to par with strict construction, home measurement guidelines.

If you are moving to West Palm Beach and will be building a custom home, All My Sons suggests touring open houses and measuring out the rooms that you like. If a countertop or kitchen island is a specific distance away from the living room, dining room, or other kitchen appliances, write it down and give the measurements to your contractor. Knowing specific measurements can help you build your absolute dream home, and allow you to have more control over the building process.

If you will be buying an existing home in West Palm, make sure that you keep these average home measurement guidelines from the National Building and Design Industry in hand as you complete your walk-through.

All-over Home Measurement Guidelines:

44”-48” height for light switches

Most Important Bathroom Measurements:

17”-19” for the height of toilet (you should want an average or above average sized toilet, not smaller)
32”-36” for the height of pedestal sink (if it is a vanity, check the height as well. Lean over the sink and into the faucet as you would if you were washing your face, make sure it is a comfortable height and feel.
26” for the height of the toilet paper holder (you can sit on the toilet and make sure that it is not placed too low or too high while you measure)
8”-12” for the distance between the toilet paper holder and the rim of the toilet
77”-81” for ideal height of shower-head
36” is the ideal size of a shower stall

Top Kitchen Measurements:

48” ideal distance between cabinet and island (if there is an island)
12” is the standard depth of upper cabinets
25” is the standard depth of countertop
36” is the standard counter top height
3” is the amount the vent hood should overhang the range on either side
24”-36” is the distance from the cooktop to the bottom of vent hood
Hood depth should cover at least half of the front burner
15”-18” distance between countertop and wall mount cabinets
29”-36” height of sink
54” height of microwave
36” maximum distance between sink and dishwasher

Average Dining Room Measurements:

28”-30” table height
24”-30” seat width per adult

Keep these useful measurements in mind on your upcoming household renovations. This will save you a lot of time, money, and energy when building or renovating your new home.  Good luck, and Happy Renovating from All My Sons Moving & Storage of West Palm!