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Inspect The House Before You Buy

So you’ve been looking to purchase a home for a little while now. You decided to do the research by yourself without a realtor. You’ve gotten help with online tools, viewed pictures of home listings on the internet and even visited several open houses in the neighborhood you’re most interested in. And now you’ve found a house with numerous bedrooms and bathrooms that you like very much. Even the price seems decent, especially when you’ll be done negotiating with the home seller.

If you’re really serious about purchasing the home, All My Sons of West Palm Beach movers suggest that you do an inspection of your own to make sure that what you see is really what you get. Because when viewing the house for the first time or even second time, people tend to look at the aesthetics not necessarily thinking about other things like isolation or soil condition etc. But you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

The West Palm Beach movers suggest you inspect your house before you buy it. You can certainly hire an inspector or try to do it yourself first. If you find things and concerns you aren’t too sure of, then you can hire a professional inspector. To inspect the home you’d like to buy, there are many different parts to closely look at.

Look at the general things first, like how old is the house, what construction type is it, the number of floors and rooms. Then inspect the walkways around the house, the driveways, the yard and yard drains, see if there are any cumbersome trees. Inspect the patio area if you have one, make sure it’s solid and the floors aren’t cracked. Is there a fence? Is it secure?

The West Palm Beach local movers also recommend to take a close look at the foundation walls, inside walls and flooring of the house. Verify that the insulation is good.

Do you have double windows? Do the windows have screens In the Winter, you don’t want the heat to escape in case it gets cold in Florida like it did this past year and in the Summer you don’t want the cold air from the air conditioning to be escaping outside. Your utilities bill will be higher if your insulation isn’t good. Do you have hurricane shutters? Are they the type you install or built-in?

Inspect your garage and garage door. Make sure you have enough storage space in there and a place to put a car. And speaking of doors, verify that the doors in the house open and close properly, even the sliding doors. Inspect your roof and skylights (if the house has some). Verify for water penetration. Check your gutters and downspouts. Verify the electrical system, by checking the light fixtures, service wires, check for safety.

All My Sons of West Palm Beach hopes this article helps you do a better job at really inspecting the house of your dream and verifying if it’s really that dreamy. Good luck and don’t forget to call the West Palm Beach movers for a hassle-free residential move.