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Preventing Home Fires

Having your own home is a huge accomplishment. There's a lot of work that goes into finding the right home for you and your family and even more work maintaining it. Many memories are made through the years in various rooms in the house, building so much attachment for people. That's why moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events one can have. However, losing your home can happen in an instant. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, over 3,500 American dire and another 18,000 are injured due to fires. These fires are sometimes started in homes while others run rampant in the form of wildfires which can also lead to destroying homes in a certain area.

The leading cause of fire-related deaths is smoking, not faulty electrical wires or natural disasters. Cigarette fires kill 1,000 Americans every year and injure another 4,000. Plus, they also cause a quarter of all fires every year. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), cigarette fires have been the top cause for U.S. fire fatalities for decades, killing tens of thousands of people in the past 30 years. To prevent cigarettes from ruining your home, make sure to keep cigarette buts in one place, not littered around. Don't toss cigarettes next to buildings, trash cans or dumpsters.

Another cause of fires is children playing with fire. Make sure to have a talk with your kids about the damages of fires and starting a fire. Over 1,000 fires are started by children every year with 30% of the time killing the children that started them. It takes less than 30 seconds for a small fire to become really big.

To prevent your home from going up in flames so to speak, make sure to never leave a candle or cigarette unattended. Have working smoke detectors on each level of the house and inspect them regularly to ensure that they work. Have a home extinguisher and a garden hose that's easily accessible. Never build fires around your home. Remove dead leaves from gutters and roof. Avoid using bark chips or mulch because those are highly-flammable.

The West Palm Beach local movers hope these tips help you prevent your home from fires. In the event that you've already had a tragedy, please call the West Palm Beach local moving company to help with moving your personal belongings at an affordable price.