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U.S. Construction Goes Up a Notch

The local West Palm Beach movers learned that U.S. builders spent more on construction projects for a second consecutive month this April. This increase includes both residential projects as well as commercial ones, rising 0.3% according to the Commerce Department. The consecutive spending pushed the annual rate of $820.7 billion. That’s 7.6% above a 12-year low we hit in March of last year. However, economists say that even with this slight progress, the construction spending is rough half of what is considered “healthy.”

The All My Sons of West Palm Beach learned residential construction rose 2.8% in April, the best in six months, to an annual rate of $256.1 billion. Since new home sales have increased as well this past month, to an annual rate of 343,000 units, homebuilders are gaining confidence again because of this new interest. In May, builder optimism increased the highest level in five years. The local West Palm Beach moving specialists learned that spending on office buildings was up 1.6% in April while spending on commercial facilities such as shopping centers went up by 1%. Spending on hospitals and other healthcare buildings increased by 2.6%. Government building projects fell 1.4%, federal construction down 5% with state and local construction spending dropped 1%. Many economists say that home construction will add to the overall growth this year.

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