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The Latest on Home Buying

According to RealtyTimes.com, an estimated two million people are going to purchase homes once the economy gets better. Time and time again, across many surveys and in various reports, Americans respond to homeownership in a positive way, placing a lot of value owning their own place. 89% of owners and 59% of renters feel homeownership is important to the American family and 87% of owners and 73% of renters feel it’s an economic cornerstone. This according to Hanley Wood’s housing 360 Survey.

The U.S. Bureau of Statistics also found that housing including shelter, household operations, utilities and a few other things encompass 40% of the Consumer Price Index.

There are various statistics on whether or not it’s a good time to buy now. One in three renters and one in five homeowners say it is. They say they plan to buy and move into a new home in the next two years. This according to the same survey mentioned above.

The Hanley Wood’s housing 360 Survey also found that 29% of existing homeowners and 12% of renters prefer to purchase a new home. 34% of owners and 41% of renters prefer to buy an existing home. The difference is that those who rather buy new rather not deal with repairs and expect less maintenance. The ones who prefer old, rather get a good deal and live in an existing community.

The West Palm Beach movers also found out that people (42% of owners) generally think it’s a great time to remodel.

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We thank RealtyTimes for their informative statistics and reporting.