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Holiday Decorating Hacks for Old Glasses

Have you just recently used your West Palm Beach movers to get settled into a new home? Just because it is right around the holiday season does not mean that you need to let moving stress you out any more than necessary. After all, there are a few simple tips and tricks that you can use when unpacking that will allow you to make the most of your new home – and decorate for the holidays at the same time!

One common problem that your West Palm Beach moving company notices when families begin unpacking the dinnerware from their moving boxes is that there is simply too much of it. More often than not, families have a bad habit of collecting way more glasses than they will ever use or need.

Before you toss out this extra drinking ware, use these holiday decorating hacks for old glasses from All My Sons Moving & Storage West Palm Beach in order to magically create new home decorations.

Mini Lamp. That’s right, you can turn your old glasses into a mini lamp! If you have one too many wineglasses and need a centerpiece, then take an extra wineglass and place a tea light candle inside. In order to make the mini lamp complete, place a small lampshade on top and voila! Behold your new mini lamp that also doubles as the perfect centerpiece for all of your holiday dinners.

Cupcake Stand. Because who doesn’t love cupcakes? Place extra wineglasses upside down and use the bottom as a cupcake stand during any holiday or housewarming parties you plan on hosting. Just make sure to save a cupcake (or two) for your West Palm Beach movers!

Floral Display. Sure, we all receive odd wedding gifts that we have no purpose for, or do not plan on ever using. If someone decided to go off the registry and buy you something that you will never use, such as a Scotch decanter, then reuse it instead of letting it sit in your new West Palm home collecting dust! Turn your Scotch decanter into a classy and antique looking flower vase. Your guests will be wondering where they can but such a unique vase as well!

Anything Goes Bowl. Perhaps the easiest way to reuse your old glasses – turn them into an “anything goes bowl!” This is the perfect solution for those beautiful glasses that you cannot bear to get rid of but have absolutely no use for. Turn it into a place to put all of your keys, sunglasses, and other knick knacks that would otherwise end up scattered throughout your house. This way, you will be able to avoid hiding such a beautiful piece of glassware!