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Genius Ways to Pack Your Closet

Your closet is home to some of your most prized possessions: the purse your daughter got you for your birthday, the outfit your spouse thinks you look great in, your favorite pair of black shoes. But packing it all up can feel like a nightmare! Where do you start? What do you get rid of? How in the world will everything fit? Have no fear, your West Palm moving company has a few options that will make packing up your closet seem fun (or at least less scary)! There are several way to pack your closet, so the one that you choose will depend on your needs and style.

The Wardrobe Box Trick

Wardrobe boxes are, in a word, awesome. They are quick to assemble, can fit a decent amount of hangers, and they keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free. These stand-up boxes come with a horizontal bar that is placed across the width of the box, so it is super easy to hang your clothes just as they were in your closet.

It is best to organize your clothes first, so that you can designate which style of clothing will go in each wardrobe box. We recommend that you separate your clothes by style. T-shirts and cotton shirts can go in one box, while blouses and shirts for work can go in another. You may need another box for blazers and jackets, and yet another for pants that you hang. You may need several of these boxes to house all of your clothes, so check to see if this is a viable option for you, as wardrobe boxes cost more than a normal box.

The Garbage Bag Trick

The garbage bag system is a lesser-known packing trick, and we think it is pretty cool if you do not want to use boxes. To accomplish this packing art, you will need to organize your hanging items into sections that would fit in a garbage bag. Then, you will shimmy a garbage bag up each section of clothing. This can be a bit tricky, but once you get the first couple of bags done, it’s a snap. To further organize, lay all of the bags down in a large box, and viola, you are done! You can label each box to make it easier to unpack too.

The Folding Trick

The folding trick is not much of a trick, but if you are old school and are not interested in the wardrobe or garbage bag packing systems, it will get the job done! You will need to fold the contents of your closet and then organize everything according to style. Pack each section into regular boxes, and then you are done! You will also need regular boxes for packing things like purses, shoes, and belts, so stock up!

If you are moving to West Palm, your trusted moving company wants to make sure that you can easily pack you closet. Since your home includes multiple closets, you should find the system that works best for you and your family. Once you have packed your own closet, packing your kids’ closets will be a piece of cake!