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Four Items You Need to Get Rid of From Your Garage

The junk room – aka your garage – is probably the most daunting part of the house you are putting off having to clean. After all, moving is stressful enough, the last thing you want to worry about is having to sift through years and years of junk that has been piling up.

Besides the fact, who even knows what is lurking in the dark trenches of your garage? Alas, there is only one way to find out – it’s time to get your hands dirty.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed when trying to figure out what to toss and what to keep in your garage, then relax! That’s where your West Palm Beach movers All My Sons Moving & Storage, steps in. Check out this list of four items you need to get rid of from your garage immediately before you can complete your move to West Palm.

The Unfinished Project

We are all guilty of starting projects that we never end up finishing. Despite how many times we tell ourselves that we are going to finish that scrapbook we started five years ago, or one of the many abandoned Pinterest projects, chances are that will never ever happen. Make moving to West Palm Beach easier for yourself when it comes time to pack - toss out all of those unfinished projects that have been hanging out in your garage.

Broken Items

Just because it may have once been a beloved item in your home, it has no use to you if it is just sitting in your garage hiding for the rest of its life. If it has been broken for over a year and you haven’t bothered to fix it, then get rid of it. Chances are, it will continue to get buried under piles of other unfinished projects, or worse – it gets damaged during your move to West Palm and you’ll wish you would have thrown it out. Instead of having your West Palm Beach moving company move the clutter from one garage to another – do yourself a favor and throw it out for good.

Expired Items

Surprisingly enough, there are tons of items in your garage with an expiration date and you don’t even know it. Check the expiration date on items such as: batteries, cleaning supplies, lawn fertilizer, motor oil and paint. All of the previous items have an expiration date, and chances are, if they have been sitting in your garage for a while, it’s time for them to get tossed out.

Nostalgic Items

The bedroom set you grew up with may have tons of memories for you, but what good is it if it is just sitting in your garage, rotting away? If you have not brought any of your nostalgic items out in over a year and actually used them, West Palm movers suggest that it is time to either toss them or donate them to someone who will actually use them.