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Easy Ways to Live Green in Boynton Beach

Living green in Florida, and especially in the sunny city of Boynton Beach, can be as easy as swapping out a few of the items you use in your home daily. All My Sons Moving & Storage, a South Florida moving company, has put together a variety of ways you and your family can live green in Boynton Beach!

Make the Switch to Cast-Iron

Nonstick pans are convenient to clean but can be harmful to the environment and your body! The Environment Working Group has found that when companies are creating the nonstick pans they use strong chemicals that are released into the air when heated at high temperatures. In addition, as the nonstick pans wear down, the chemicals break down and can get into your food. Although not confirmed as carcinogens, these chemicals have been linked to heart disease.

Household Natural Cleaners

Natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda are strong enough to take on even the toughest messes in your home and don’t leave harmful chemicals in the air. They are cheap and much safer to be around your children.

Plant Your Own Food

Living green in Florida is easy with the great sunny weather! Create a vegetable garden in your backyard. Growing your own produce helps save you money and adds greenery to the planet!

Change Out Your Shower Curtain

The local South Florida moving company, All My Sons, knows the difference replacing your shower curtain can have on the environment. Avoid the weird plastic smell by purchasing cloth or bamboo shower curtains. Not only are they better for the environment, they are also much more attractive.

Keep Your Freezer Stocked

This might not seem like one of the top ways of living green in Florida, however studies show it takes much more energy to cool an empty space than it does when it is full. So, feel free to freeze those left overs, it can save you money and help save the planet.

Take Advantage of the Sun

If there is one thing your local South Florida Moving Company knows, is the extensive availability of sunlight in Boynton Beach. You can lease solar panels for your home to help reduce conventional electricity used in your home. This is great for those who can’t afford to install permanent solar panels in your home.

Keep Your Home Well-Insulated

You might think living green in Florida is tough when it comes to your air conditioning. Although AC is basically a necessity in South Florida, you can help reduce wasting your cool air by ensure all gaps and cracks are properly sealed in your home. Have proper insulation will help keep the cool air in and reduce the amount of energy your AC unit uses to cool down your home.

As an expert South Florida moving company, All My Sons, knows the immense possibility of ways you and your family can be living green in Florida. We hope the tips above help make a difference in your life and in our world.