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Downtowns of America

The downtown cities of the U.S have been seeing plenty of growth in the last decade. The local West Palm Beach movers have learned that Chicago has had the most increase in residents living within two miles of City Hall equating to 48,000 new residents. New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington DC also have seen their populations soar in their downtown areas. It's not that just that people prefer to live in downtown areas, developers have been building and financing more in those areas compared to the past. There's so much going in the downtown part of cities. For example, All My Sons of West Palm Beach movers know that in West Palm Beach, Florida, Clematis street is at the heart of it. The downtown flavor starts at Flagler Drive on the Intracoastal Waterway. Residents have a host of activities and sightseeing to choose from including boutiques, live music, restaurants, antique shops, nightclubs, salons and even historical landmarks.

Some downtown areas didn't grow though, like New Orleans that lost 35,000 residents during the last 10 years because of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Baltimore lost 10,000 residents, two cities in Ohio, Toledo and Dayton too. The West Palm Beach movers learned 83.7% of the U.S.' residents live in a metropolitan area with a least one population center of 50,000 ore more. Those areas cover up about one-quarter of America. Another 25% lives in the nine largest cities and 10% live in either Los Angeles or New York's metropolitan area. The fastest growing areas though include Palm Coast in Florida with a growth rate of 92%, going from 49,832 residents to 95,696. Another area where All My Sons movers work which is Raleigh in North Carolina has also seen major growth. the West Palm Beach movers learned that Raleigh-North Carolina has gone from 797,071 resident to 1.13 million people. That's 41.8% growth!

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