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Tricks to De-clutter and Simplify Prior to Moving

Moving is an exciting time, and it can also be a highly productive time for you and your family. Moving allows you to go through and consider each item in your home, ultimately coming to a decision about if the item is a keeper or if it is clutter.  Get yourself ready to move into your new West Palm Beach home by de-cluttering and saying goodbye to junk. We’ve got a few tips to help you through the process.

Look for things that have never been used. These could be things you bought a long time ago and didn’t open like canned food, stuff still with their labels on, items you haven’t even unpacked from your previous move. Save yourself the energy, time, money and set these things free. You can throw them away, sell them, give them away, give them to charity organizations—no matter what, there is no reason for you to keep them in your possession. As you begin unloading items, you should feel lighter—literally and figuratively, as you purge things from your home.

Doesn’t fit? Ditch it! Quit hanging on to clothing that you hope to fit into one day, or that you can pass on to another family member who loved it. Growing out of trends is part of growing up—and if it seems like it was made for someone way younger (or way older), then you should pass it along and clear out room in your closet for things you will actually wear in the present.

Cards and souvenirs. Wow, these can accumulate into clutter seemingly in the blink of an eye! Keeping items because you love and respect the person that gave them to you just results in piles of stuff in your home, which is draining and unhealthy. Thank the person for the gift but do not feel obligated to keep it forever.

Magazines, books, and newspapers. These create so much paper weight in your home that it actually costs more money to move, and it can look sloppy and unorganized. Try to limit yourself to only keeping the current month’s issues in your home.

Unfinished projects are a space consumer. That model car you started building a year ago but haven’t finished? Either get it done or get rid of it. There is no reason to try and haul unfinished projects with you to your new home. If you haven’t had the time to finish it in the last year, what makes you think the upcoming year will be any different?

Part of a successful de-clutter process is brutal honestly. While yes, you may like something or intend to use it one day, but if you haven’t and you keep putting something off until tomorrow it’s time to part ways and let someone else benefit from the items you are just letting collect dust.

Good luck on your move and remember, in your home, as in life, less is more!