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Florida Homeowners Worry About Drywall From China

All My Sons of West Palm Beach, with the help of MSN.com, exposes the truth behind drywall manufactured drywall in China. Many homeowners in Florida are complaining from nosebleeds and corroded wiring. MSN highlights a specific story from a couple who noticed sour smells emanating from their walls in their home in Fort Myers. They said the copper pipes from the water heater also turned black and they were experiencing dizzy spells and muscle aches too.

During the building and real estate boom a few years ago, contractors in Florida ran out of drywall so they imported 540 million pounds of drywall from China between 2004 and 2008, according to shipping records surveyed by the Associated Press.

The article on MSN.com continues to say that the material may have ended up in as many as 100,000 homes nationwide. Lab analysis obtained by the Florida Department of Health show that some Chinese drywall contain strontium sulfide, a material absent from most samples manufactured in America. The EPA tests for this material are still pending, but scientists suspect that this compound, which releases sulfurous gases, could be the cause for the complaints of nosebleeds and respiratory ailments as well as black coatings tarnishing shower fixtures and corroding air-conditioner coils.

Even though the evidence isn’t conclusive, a number of class-action lawsuits have been filed against plasterboard manufacturers and others. If you’re worried about your home having this China drywall, check for a ‘made in’ stamp or a manufacturer’s name on exposed back boards. You can also have your walls inspected by a builder or a licensed contractor. According to MSN.com, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is still investigating. A spokesperson was quoted saying they were pursuing aggressively but scientifically.

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