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Palm Beach,Where Celebrities Love to Call Home

It is no secret that Palm Beach, Florida has an incredible amount of wealth. With residents like Donald Trump and the Williams sisters, there has to be a ton of money. Spanish architecture, Italian marble, cathedral ceilings, copious amounts of money. Not to mention the exotic cars that are sitting in the five car garages. It is incredible how much wealth can be so concentrated in one area.

Not only is Donald Trump’s house located right on the beach, it also is considered the most valuable piece of land in Florida. It was built in the 1920’s, and has fifty eight bedrooms, thirty three bathrooms, a twenty nine foot long solid marble dining table, twelve fireplaces, and three bomb shelters. With the recent millions of dollars renovations, it now also includes a twenty thousand square foot ballroom and beach club. Talk about a beautifully luxurious home.

The Williams sisters Venus and Serena have quite the abode in the Palm Beach Gardens. Their almost nine thousand square foot home sits on about an acre of land in a gated community. The home includes four bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms. It has a price tag of almost two million dollars. The sisters have access to more than a dozen tennis courts.

Just north of Palm Beach on Jupiter Island there is a seventy two and a half million dollar home that belongs to Celine Dion. Complete with three pools and a water slide, the house is gigantic. It has an eight bedroom guest house, and let’s not forget the lazy river. Not only is it one house, but there are five other pavilions that include a guest house, beach house, pool house, and tennis center. Dion owns the largest waterfront estate on the already exclusive Jupiter Island.

Andy Roddick also calls South Florida home with his home in Boca Raton, just south of Palm Beach. He has a foundation in Boca Raton that works to develop and inspire underserved youth through education and sports-based mentoring. Because this is located in Boca, Roddick has a second home located there. His much larger, much more impressive home is located in Austin, Texas.

Palm Beach is chocked full of celebrities, and it is not wonder why. With the clear blue waters and the tropical climate that south Florida offers, people flock down south. Take a trip to see all of the wealth for yourself. It is incredible.