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Buying Your First Horse & Enjoying A Wellington Pastime

Living in Palm Beach and the Wellington area opens you up to one very popular hobby: horseback riding. The equestrian lifestyle is one that many in Palm Beach County enjoy, and many move to the area strictly for that reason. Are you considering buying a horse for the first time? There are some tips to keep in mind so that you know what the purchase means for you and your family. Moving to Wellington can mean a lifetime love of horseback riding, but you must be prepared for horse ownership.  Doing this the right way means you can have a lifetime of happy horse owning!

Horses are a huge commitment, both financially and emotionally.  The financial commitment of owning a horse is huge. Not only do you need to pay the initial fee for the horse, there are plenty of ongoing fees too. Before you get your first horse, you should think about getting a full or partial lease of a horse for 6 months. Leasing will mean you pay a fixed fee or a portion of the horse’s expenses in exchange for riding the horse. In a full lease, you take over the horse’s expenses and care responsibilities, but in a partial lease the owner usually remains responsible for most of the expenses and responsibilities.

The ongoing fees for owning a horse can be quite cumbersome. On a continual basis, you will need to pay for:

• Board that ranges from full care to self care. Sometimes somebody will feed your horse and clean the stall, but in some cases you’ll need to do this yourself.You shouldn’t choose a boarding facility too far away or you could find it a chore to get over there

• A professional instructor to help build your skills and make sure you stay safe.

• Participating in competitions will involve entry fees, transportation of the horse, and special outfits

• A farrier every 6-8 weeks

• An equine vet to administer any important medication and treatments.

• Tack and equipment

• Food and supplements

• Bedding

Be sure to take a few horseback riding lessons and determine if a horse really is the best investment for you.  Find a horse that is well mannered and has a steady temperament.  Enjoy the equestrian perks that living in Wellington has to offer.