Rating 4.6

All My Sons of WPB Is Truly Professional

I was getting ready to move from Delray to West Palm Beach where my husband and I bought a four-bedroom house. The entire family had spent weeks packing every room in the house. When you’re in the process of moving, that’s when you realize how much stuff you accumulated during the years. I mean besides the obvious like clothing, appliances, furniture, you also start finding things like old certificates, magazines, picture albums you haven’t opened for years, even dishes you’ve never used but received on you wedding day. Anyhow, we had so much stuff, that we all decided to have a garage sale one weekend. We put all are things out on the lawn and sold some of it to our neighbors and people walking by. It helped us unload some of our belongings I guess and make a bit of pocket money.

Then came time to select a moving company. My husband had a few bad experiences when he was younger and moving from apartment to apartment. So he was online a lot, reading up information on a few websites. We asked a few our friends but nobody seemed to have moved quite recently. Finally, one day my husband told me about a company he found on the internet called All My Sons Moving and Storage of West Palm Beach. He was quite excited about it. He said they were family owned and had insurance. He said their website had a ton of valuable info plus testimonials of satisfied customers ( which is of course what drove me to write about my experience). We called up together and got more information and talked about estimates and that sort of thing. Their customer service was really professional and they were very kind.

Then moving day came. The All My Sons of West Palm Beach movers came into our place and started transferring the goods onto their truck. They were very fast and seemed like experts. I guess they have a ton of moving experience. I was really impressed with the way they worked. They didn’t lose any time talking or doing nothing. All I kept seeing is movers in and out of my place. Later that night, they drove our stuff to our new place in West Palm Beach and placed our things in each room of the new house. I was truly a great move. No problems, or anything my husband and I had to deal with. I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs to move, I also learnt they do office moves. Leticia Johnson, West Palm Beach, FL