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FPL and AC Rebates For Florida

According to the Miami Herald, after spending 10 months and $6 million trying to raise electricity base rates, Florida Power and Light agreed to free them until 2012. All My Sons of West Palm Beach found out this means that only fuel prices and other parts of the bill can fluctuate. This also means that FPL can keep any fuel savings that result from starting up its new natural gas unit at its West County Energy Center in Palm Beach County, giving them also more flexibility for recovering after a storm or hurricane. 

FPL says it’s pleased that this settlement will continue to keep rates flat for their consumers and that it’s especially important now, due to the high unemployment rates. The Attorney General, Florida industrial Power Users Group and Florida Retail Federation is also happy with this agreement.

The local West Palm Beach movers found out FPL tried to persuade regulators to raise its base rate to $1.3 billion a year.

On another front, also involving energy, Florida residents can now upgrade to energy-efficient air conditioning system and get a discount through the Energy Star Residential HVAC rebate. All they have to do is visit the www.rebates.com/floridahvac page to qualify for a $1,500 saving. This program ends on December 31, 20010 or when the $15 million in rebate funds are depleted.

This will benefit consumers with electricity savings, the environment and even create new green jobs for home energy efficiency raters. These rebates are on a first-come, first-serve bases. Consumers can receive rebates of up to $1,500 per household on central air conditioners, air source heat pumps or geothermal heat pumps when, concurrently with installation, they also have their home duct systems tested, and the test results indicate no more than 15 percent leakage to the outside.

All My Sons of West Palm Beach movers found out there are a few requirements residents must meet, so it would be wise to visit the website and get all the details and information. The local West Palm Beach moving specialists remind you that to help your home conserve its energy and cool, make sure that your isolation is great. Check for air escaping through the windows and so on. Ceiling fans can also help the house keep cool, and with less usage of your AC.